6 Best Essential Oils For Itchy Skin Rash That Relieves & Soothes

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  • Date: August 6, 2020
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Does it seem like no matter how much you scratch the itchiness will not go away?

This can make you feel irritable, frustrated and desperate.

Having these problems are no fun.That’s where essential oils fit in.

As a matter of fact, essential oils have been used for centuries as an effective topical treatment for many different skin problems.They help with symptoms like itching, redness, and pain.

In this post below you will learn the 6 best essential oils for itchy skin rash.

Let’s dive in..

6 Best Essential Oils For Itchy Skin


1. Lavender oil 

Lavender oil has antifungal properties and can stop inflammation in its tracks. It is the best oil for the itch. And It can decrease redness and irritation.

If you have an itchy rash then add a few drops of lavender oil to a tablespoon of any carrier oil like:

  • Olive oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil

Rub lavender oil gently on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day.

Lavender oil can’t relieve pain directly, but can help in relaxation,

Thereby reducing any discomfort linked with the skin rash. It can mitigate inflammation due to sunburns, hives, psoriasis, and eczema.Lavender oil is the best essential oil for itchy skin.

Researchers have found that it also can be extremely beneficial in innumerable ways of reducing itchy skin conditions.

It can be consumed orally or applied to the skin or even breathed in through aromatherapy.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties.It is natural in every single drop. And along with treating your skin rash can also have a soothing effect on the whole body.

2. German Chamomile oil:

You’re in for a pleasant surprise.Chamomile oil has a gold mine of benefits for skin rashes.

A few drops of this oil can:

  • Relieve rashes
  • Reducing pain due to sunburns
  • Insect bites
  • And more.

It can reduce the redness of the skin due to rashes. Chamomile oil is gentle. And can help palliate anxiety, stress, insomnia and even depression.

Stress can exacerbate almost all types of skin rashes including psoriasis, eczema, hives, and rosacea.

So, chamomile can be indirectly beneficial in alleviating these skin conditions.Chamomile oil is popular with tea and even can be used to calm a baby.

3. Peppermint oil

This essential oil for itchy skin rash has a cooling effect.And Cools down hot rashes.The natural menthol in peppermint oil has an analgesic effect on the skin.

What does that mean for you?

This means Itch relief for you.And here is why:

  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Antiseptic,
  • Pain-relieving properties.

Peppermint oil can be immensely helpful in reducing itching and discomfort associated with bug bites, poison ivy, and hives.

Here is how to use it:

Take a few drops of peppermint oil and mix it with a carrier oil. Gently massage it on the skin 2 to 3 times a day for relief.

4. Tea tree oil

Does tea oil stop itching?


Tea tree oil is a must-have in any first aid kit. In my opinion, it is one of the best essential oils for itchy skin rash.It can be used for:

  • Rashes,
  • Sunburn
  • Athletes foot
  • Abrasions, and more.

It is excellent for fighting against insects and also work as a repellent.Can help to dissolve insect toxin in existing bites.

Not only it relieves itching but it makes you feel better outdoors too.Another free bonus it helps heal the affected area fast.

You can pure tea tree oil to relieve redness, inflammation, and itching. Tea tree oil can be a little drying.So dilute the oils with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil.

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to an unscented carrier oil to relieve diaper rashes and fungal infections in children. Tea tree essential oils for red itchy rash is a must-have.

Side effects:

Tea tree oil is harsh on the skin and so should not be applied to babies younger than 6 months old.In the case of older infants also, always patch test the oil before application

5. Cinnamon oil

It is a wonderful oil for treating bacterial infections. Cinnamon contains a powerful compound called cinnamaldehyde.

In addition, cinnamon oil is an extremely effective rash killing weapon. Cinnamon oil can also be used to relieve pain and stimulate blood circulation. It is a good essential oil for itching.

6. Eucalyptus oil

This one is a good one.This oil can relieve pain associated with rashes. And reduce itching.

It can be used on the skin to fight inflammation and promote healing. Eucalyptus oil is a popular choice for burns, bites, and stings and protects any openings from getting infected.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils. And are extracted from plants, bark or flowers.They can be extracted thru different methods.

Such as,steam or distilled.You can easily rub them on your skin, smell them or even put them in your bath.They have been deemed suitable to treat rashes and other health issues.

Essential oil has been scientifically proved to help with symptoms like itching, redness, and pain.

What Causes A Skin Rash?

A skin rash is any kind of discoloration of the skin that distorts its normal appearance.For instance, Rashes can be:

  • Bumpy
  • Smooth
  • Cracked
  • Dry, moist, or blistered.

They can be painful, itchy, and even change color.Some of the causes of skin rashes are:

Allergies, diseases, medications and even bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and viral infections.

Some rashes don’t need any treatment and go away on their own.But most rashes need attention and care.

Instead of using chemicals and creams to relieve the condition, you can go all-natural and use essential oils.

Essential oils have been known to relieve skin problems such as:

  • Eczema
  • poison ivy
  • hives
  • athlete’s foot
  • dermatitis,
  • psoriasis
  • bug bites
  • and the list goes on.

They can be a natural alternative instead of chemicals. They are safe for most people when used correctly.

What Is The Best Way To Use Essential Oils For Skin Rashes?

It is important that you always diluted Essential oil with a carrier oil before using them on your skin.Don’t worry this won’t make them any less effective.

Due to dilution, your skin can absorb more of the essential oil.You can learn more about how to dilute the essential oil in another blog post located here.

Overall they are extremely beneficial. Reduces inflammation and balances out the moisture for skin problems.So that you can have healthy skin again.

Things To Remember:

1. Always use an appropriate carrier oil preferably a lighter oil, as it is more easily absorbed by the skin.

2. Do a small patch test on a small area of the skin before applying over the inflamed area.Wait for at least 24 hours to see if there is a reaction.

Essential oils contain a high percentage of phenol which can cause skin irritation in some people.

3. It is not safe for children and babies to consume essential oils orally.

4. With so many essential oils to choose from it can be overwhelming. Not all are created equal.

With that in mind, remember to make sure it comes for a reputable source.

Always use organic high-quality essential oil for the best results. Adulterated oils can cause adverse skin reactions as they are mixed with chemicals.Choosing the right one can be quite handy. Buy them from a trustworthy source only.

5. Essential oils are strong and potent and so can cause a skin rash or even aggravate it.

Babies, children, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin should not use essential oils without a doctor’s consent.Most of the essential oils are too potent for direct application.

In fact, It is important to dilute the oils.

6. The maximum recommended concentration of essential oil is 2 percent.

6 drops of essential oil should be mixed with 1 ounce of carrier oil.

Essential oil therapy certainly works

But should be practiced correctly under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

So, start stocking up your medicine cabinet with these natural remedies for healthy and happy skin.These little bottles could be your tiny savior and keep skin rashes at bay.

I hope this list of the best essential oils for skin rashes are useful to you. Essential are a wonderful remedies and when correctly can prevent rashes.

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