About Us

Well, hey there!

We are, so humbled that you want to get to know us more. 

So, allow us to properly introduce ourselves. And, share a bit more about our story…

We are The Mills Family: Adventure-seekers, nature-lovers, and Vegetable growers. (Seriously.) 

Overall, we love being in nature. Whether it’s laying at the beach or hiking in the mountains… If we’re outdoors, we are happy!

We are both from Texas (that state way down south with the funny accents!) and, we have an incurable taste for the Organic lifestyle. Okay, let’s be real, we don’t really want it to be cured…

Believe it or not, we have been a married couple for 14 years. We haven’t always been, veggie eaters or nature lovers. In fact, neither of us knew what being healthy was all about, until we had our children.

So, let’s start from the beginning. This all started, when we were shopping for cereal, and baby food. And, we glanced at the ingredients label on one of the cereal boxes. We soon discovered ingredients, that we could not even pronounce.

Because of this, we started researching these hard pronounced chemicals. And found that, they can cause all kinds of health problems. So, that is were our passion started for organic life.

Last but not least, because of our hands-on experiences with all-natural living. We decided to share, everything that we have learned along the way with you.

I’m inviting you to check out our blog section. We put together a collection of many useful posts that will help you separate facts from fiction.