Do You Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm Together? (Step By Step Guide)

  • By: Author: Irene Mills
  • Date: June 11, 2021
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Let’s be honest.

Not knowing how to use beard balm. And beard oils correctly can kill your chances of growing an attractive beard.

Not to mention, It’s already daunting enough that we put a lot of hard work into growing a beard. It takes loads of time, grooming, and blow-drying.


Well, there’s good news:

Growing a healthy beard doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right strategy at your disposal. You could easily grow a beard that you are proud of, without being confused or overwhelmed.

In this post, I will be answering the question Do you use beard oil and beard balm together. And by the end, you will find secret beard tips to help you grow an attractive beard.

Let’s jump in…

Can You Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm Together?

Do You Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm Together

Absolutely, but you want to apply beard oil first preferably when you get out of the shower. Pat your beard with a towel and then dry. Then you can apply the beard oil.

After beard oil is in now it is time to apply the beard balm. So now you learned to apply beard oil before beard balm.

But, now what?

Its no secret that beard oil and beard balm both have incredible benefits.

Let’s take a closer look below. I will walk you through how to use beard balm and beard oil together so your beard will look fantastic. And you can get the most out of each product.

Why Use Beard Balm?

The reason to use Beard balm is to keep the frizzy hair controlled. In addition, it moisturizes while keeping your facial hair shaped and looking healthy.

A simple way to put it:

Beard balm controls and tames the beard hairs while hydrating and sealing in moisture. It has ingredients such as Shea butter and beeswax to give extra hold. Overall it is a conditioner that creates healthy beard growth.

Why Use Beard Oil?

On the other let’s be honest, no one wants a dry flaky itchy beard. That is where beard oil comes in.

Beard oil keeps your facial hair soft, moisturized, and shiny. It absorbs into the hair follicle easily. But also absorbs into the skin where the extra oil is needed.

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As a matter of fact, flaky skin might not sound like a huge problem. But, no one wants the awful beard itch or beard dandruff.

However, when it comes to keeping the beard healthy and your skin underneath healthy beard oil is important.

How Does Flaky Skin Affect Me?

Flaky skin can clogs pores and can prevent beard growth. An itchy beard can be very unconformable.And can make you feel miserable.

Above all, you want a healthy beard that not only makes you feel great. But a beard that your family admires and respects.

Now that you understand the difference between beard balm and beard oil let’s answer the big question:

How To Apply Beard Oil Correctly

How to use beard oil in the most effective way?

The trick :Before you start to drip some out of the bottle. For a shorter beard, you will need about 3 drops for a longer beard 6 to 8 drops.

Take desired drops of oil and drip some into the palms of your hands.Then Rub oil through your hands and don’t forget to get between your fingers.

Here is the big secret:

Focus on the flyaway hair first.Start working oil it in underneath. Then run your fingers through your beard from bottom to top.And all the way to the end of your beard.

Make sure you get the oil on the sides, and on top of the beard, rubbing some into your skin as well.It will help hydrate and nourish your skin.

It will also prevent flaky skin and beard dandruff that we previously talked about.

Beard oil is more for the skin than for the beard. Although wiping the excess on a towel can be tempting .Instead use the rest that is left on your hands rub it on the body or you can even rub some on your wife’s skin.


A happy wife is a happy life.

To finish, you can use your fingers or a nice beard comb and slowly comb your beard. Afterward, apply beard balm if needed. This will ensure you will have healthy beard growth

How To Use Beard Balm Correctly

Do You Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm Together

Wash face with an organic handmade soap that has no chemicals. Wash with warm water then pat dry with a towel

Heat up your hands before scooping the balm out of the tin. Your hands will be warmer and you will be able to scoop it out easier.

This will make the process faster and easier, which is exactly what you want to have!

You can do this by rubbing your hand and palms together back and forth.

Scrape out a dime-size amount from the tin using either your index finger or your thumb. For an average beard use half a fingernail.

How Much Beard Balm To Use?

On a longer beard use, 2/3 passes with your finger for a bigger amount.

4. Then put the beard balm that you scraped out, put it in your palms and start rubbing palms together.

The beard balm should melt quickly because you will heat up the oils and beeswax.

5. Now you can start applying to the beard. For longer facial hair, you want to apply in sections.

Start with the chops and get it throughout the hairs starting from the top to the bottom. Then you can move on to goatee.

You can either leave it how it is or if you want to style your beard you can use a beard comb to push down the extra whiskers.

Don’t be afraid to comb in your fingers; this will make the process faster and better, not to mention simpler.

Make sure you get in between the finger to get all the leftovers.

If you are a daily Balmer you can wash your beard daily with warm water to remove excess wax. But make sure you apply beard oil because washing it too often can dry out your skin.

How Often To Use Beard Balm?

Can you use beard balm every day?

You can use it once or up to three times daily.  I would recommend not over applying beard balm.


Because over applying will cause your beard to become too oily, your hair follicles can only absorb so much. No one wants a greasy beard look.


Now that you know about do you use beard oil and beard balm together, you’re ready to have healthy beard growth that looks good.And feels amazing without feeling frustrated.


I hope this post was helpful and answered the question Do You Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm Together.

If you want to learn more about carrier oils for the beard you can find helpful information in our blog section.

We don’t just care about beards we care about you.

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