How To Get Rid Of Hard Dry Skin On Knees Naturally

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  • Date: August 27, 2020
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Dry skin is a common problem among people of all generations. Whether you’re a teenager, or well into your 40s and 50s, it is a problem everyone can relate to.

However, this problem not only can make you feel embarrassed, but it can also take a toll on your self-confidence as well.

If you’re looking for an easy way to treat dry skin, you are in the right place.

Read on to find out how to get rid of hard dry skin on knees naturally without breaking the bank or being too harsh on your skin!

How To Get Rid Of Hard Dry Skin On Knees Naturally

You can rid yourself of dry skin on your knees through a number of ways. And while there are many medicated options that you can try after referring to a certified dermatologist, there are numerous equally good natural remedies that you could try as well.

These natural remedies are safe, free from side effects, inexpensive, easily available and can result in beautiful, smooth and glowing skin.

They are also backed by scientific research so you can be absolutely sure of their efficacy.

7 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Dry Skin On Knees:

1. Use Organic Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera gel is packed full of essential nutrients that help moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

  • 1/2 Aloe Vera leaf
  • Extract the gel of the leaf with a spoon and smush it together.
  • Then apply as a mask on the knee area. Allow it to dry for 30 minutes and then rinse.

Tip: Over time some of the nutrients in the aloe vera gel can oxidize, causing it to lose its potency. Therefore, it is advised to use fresh aloe vera gel on your skin whenever possible. Store the leftover in the fridge and disregard it after 24 hrs.

2.  Use Organic Raw Cocoa Butter: 

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Cocoa butter not only has the amazing smell of chocolate,but also has been around for centuries, with some reports dating it back to 460 AD. Some of its benefits have been attributed to powerful substances such as catechin in the cocoa butter.

The use of cocoa butter improves skin health and maintains its moisture content and elasticity. And because is so wonderful and safe on the skin it has been researched by many professionals who have greatly studied it.

In any case, there is ample evidence to support the excellent properties of this antioxidant-rich moisturizer that helps to reduce inflammation and keep the skin supple.

Tip: Use it generously over dry and flaky skin to repair the dry and damaged area. The best cocoa butter to have is the Organic raw cold process one. Click to see Cocoa Butters on Amazon

3. Use Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter is a Non-comedogenic magic cure for dry skin. And it helps to alleviate even the most cracked and damaged skin.

additionally, it helps to strengthen the natural waterproof barrier of the skin. which prevents moisture loss. In fact, shea butter is so potent; some doctors prescribe it for medical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well.See Shea butters on Amazon

 4. Use Organic Coconut Oil: 

Rich, creamy and soft. Coconut oil has all the benefits you are looking for. In fact, it is an excellent source of essential fatty acids and nutrients. Most importantly, it is a great skin and hair moisturizer, there’s nothing coconut oil can’t do.

Surprisingly, coconut oil has other hidden properties than are greatly beneficial for skin as well. These include anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to resolve skin issues and protect the skin from being stripped of moisture. See Coconut oil on Amazon

5. Use Organic Avocado Oil: 

Health experts are always singing praises of this amazing fruit. However, recent studies suggest that avocado and avocado oil is excellent for the skin as well.

Avocados are packed with excellent substances such as essential fatty acids, beta carotene, protein, lecithin, and vitamins A, E and D. these help to keep the skin moisturized and protected from UV rays.

Avocado oil also improves the synthesis of collagen in the skin, giving it a healthy boost in its overall texture and health.  See Avocado oil on Amazon

6. Use Organic Mango Butter: 

Mango butter is a vegan, light and non-comedogenic butter made from the pit or seed of a mango. This nutrient-dense butter contains all of the substances found in mango fruit, but in a much more concentrated form.

These include :

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A, B6, C, E
  • Iron
  • Magnesium 
  • Folate
  • Potassium 
  • Zinc

All of these excellent nutrients not only help to ensure that the skin is well moisturized, but also help in its repair and nourishment. See Mango butter on Amazon

7. Use Bicarbonates and Milk:

The combination of Bicarbonate of soda and milk may seem a little odd to you right now, but it is actually the most targeted treatment for dry skin on knees and elbows.

The Bicarbonate acts as a gentle natural exfoliator to rid the knees of flaking dead skin, while milk moisturizes and nourishes it.

Milk also contains lactic acid which helps to lighten skin pigmentation to give you bright and glowing skin.

Tip: Use a ratio of 4:1 when mixing Bicarbonate of soda and milk to form a paste that be easily applied to the skin and also be used as a scrub.

Warning: Scrubbing and exfoliation aren’t recommended every day but should be done at least twice in one week to get noticeable results. 

8. Use Organic Grapeseed Oil

This popular oil is one of the oldest known home remedies for dry skin. Grapeseed oil has existed for centuries. And is used for numerous things including to heal dry skin.

It has been proven to protect the skin’s natural barrier and prevents moisture from leaving it, trapping it underneath. All these measures help to promote skin health and prevent skin dryness. It also helps the skin to recover from dry, cracked and irritated patches such as those found on the knees.

In fact, studies have shown that grapeseed oil is proven to reduce inflammation in the skin. This is because it is packed with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Not to mention it is a light oil and absorbs easily. Without being oily or greasy.

One the other hand, Not all grapeseed oils are the same. Some are made with unnatural and synthetic ingredients. I personally use grapeseed oil by Mary Tylor Naturals. And it has worked great from me. In fact, it is a popular choice on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

what Causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin isn’t usually a serious issue; however, its unsightly appearance and mild skin irritation may be factors for people wanting to get it removed as soon as possible. Dry skin occurs in different areas due to a variety of reasons. Such as low moisture content in the air, the use of harsh soaps, genetics, chaffing and low moisture content of the body and skin. 

What Causes Dry Skin On Knees?

Often caused by chaffing and genetics. If dry knees run in the family, then chances are you’ve inherited the same traits and produce the same kind of skin. For dryness caused by chaffing, it is important to figure out and remove the root cause first before moving on to natural remedies and treatment. 

What Does Dry Skin Look Like?

Dry skin can appear in many different forms such as

  •  Dark skin
  •  Thickening of the skin of the area 
  •  Greyish discoloration
  •  Flakey whiteness
  •  Cracked 
  •  Red 

The main issue that people with dry skin often face is thickened, unattractive dark, rough patches on their knees. Though this issue is quite common and very treatable, it is rarely addressed.

Dry patches on the knees often result from a lack of moisture in these areas.  Although resolving this issue takes a while, it is absolutely possible to get rid of dry skin on your knees completely to reveal glowing, smooth and moisturized skin. 

Dry Skin Symptoms

Symptoms vary in both appearance and severity depending on the location and severity of the dryness. These symptoms can include redness, skin discoloration itchiness, irritability, plaque-like formation and flaking of the skin. 

The location of your dry skin is also important, although mild dryness and flaking can be experienced all over the body, your elbows and knees bear the biggest brunt of skin dryness.


Although dry skin on the knees is not an uncommon or serious issue; however, it can lower someone’s self-esteem drastically. So if you also suffer from dry skin on the knees, I hope this guide how to get rid of hard dry skin on knees naturally helped you. If you follow these simple tips in this guide, in the long run you will have well moisturizer skin and a better happier you.

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